FTZ Advantages

Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ or zone) - A site within the United States that is legally considered outside of customs territory, allowing goods to be brought in without formal customs entry. FTZs have grown in popularity for consistently creating and keeping jobs and capital investment in the country.

Defer. Reduce. Eliminate.

FTZs let you defer, reduce and eliminate customs duties.


Don't pay your duties at your port of entry. Pay when the product leaves your site.


Potentially reduce duty liability in a manufacturing setting.


Avoid "duty drawback." Eliminate duties on goods you re-export or scrap.

Burton Snowboards experiences benefits from FTZ

Read this case study to learn how Burton Snowboards used FTZ 138 to reduce the scope and risk of its duty drawback program, while deferring duty and reducing merchandise processing fees.

CEVA offers its customers quick access to FTZ benefits

Read this case study to learn about CEVA using FTZ 138 to increase its offerings to customers and differentiate itself from the competition.

International Converter credits FTZ with saving jobs

The elimination of customs duties and efficiency gains were big wins when International Converter became activated in the zone. This case study explains how FTZ 138 helped keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Save on weekly entry and other fees

File one customs entry per week, rather than one for each and every shipment you import. You may also be able to reduce the fees you pay your customs broker.

Strengthen supply chain security

FTZs strengthen inventory control and supply chain security.

Add logistical speed and flexibility

Move merchandise directly to the warehouse with no clearance delay at the port of entry. Products made overseas can be brought into a zone for consolidation with domestic products. 

Read more about how FTZ 138 helps companies compete globally. 

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