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FTZ 138 Savings Calculator

Determine how much Foreign-Trade Zone 138 may save your company each year. Enter your information and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to view your results. For additional assistance, contact Angie Atwood, FTZ Program Manager, at 614-409-3622.

Enter your information below

Total dollar value of merchandise imported from foreign countries in one year.

Total dollar value of merchandise from U.S. sources in one year.

How many times your inventory is completely replaced in one year.

An average of all the duty rates of parts imported from foreign countries. To be accurate, this rate should be weighted by the dollar value of each part imported. You can obtain this information from your Customs Broker.

An average of all the duty rates for finished products imported from foreign countries. If your products are currently being produced in the U.S. using imported parts, your Customs Broker may have to classify these finished products for you to determine a duty rate.

Percentage of imported product exported to foreign countries.

Percentage of imported product that is unusable and therefore discarded.

Percentage of imported product sold to the military.

Rate it would cost you to borrow money.

The average merchandise processing fee your company pays on each entry form. You can obtain this information from your Customs Broker. The maximum fee is $485 per entry.

The number of entry forms prepared each year to enter merchandise into the U.S. You can obtain this information from your Customs Broker.

Your savings

Duty Deferral
Duty Reduction
Duty Elimination Re-Export
Duty Elimination Scrapped
Duty Elimination Solid to Military
Weekly Entry Savings
Total Potential FTZ Savings


DISCLAIMER: This FTZ calculator is provided as a tool to assist parties in conducting a broad and general, very high-level assessment of potential FTZ savings. The Grantee is providing this FTZ calculator free of charge and is not asserting or guaranteeing that the party will enjoy any benefit through FTZ utilization. A specific and detailed evaluation of potential participation in the FTZ program should be performed by the party which should include an analysis and comparison of the likely costs in operating and maintaining the FTZ as compared to the specific financial and operational savings the party can realize. If you have questions, please contact Angie Atwood, FTZ Program Manager, 614-409-3622.

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