About FTZ 138

Industry Leader

Rated among the top 10 FTZs in the country, FTZ 138 helps businesses inside the zone's 25-county, Central Ohio service area lower costs and boost profits by deferring, reducing and eliminating customs duties. Over $10.9 billion of goods moved through FTZ 138 in 2018.

Administered by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, FTZ 138 is based in Columbus, Ohio, at Rickenbacker International Airport — a high-speed international logistics hub with unparalleled reach to 47 percent of the U.S. population and 33 percent of Canada’s.


FTZ 138 ranks high in the industry

Rated among the top 10 FTZs for warehousing and distribution for the last nine years.

Ranked No. 8 out of 195 active zones for merchandise received for warehousing and distribution in 2020.

Provides FTZ benefits to 19 companies at 21 active sites.

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